If you have received this link:

Your practice has issued you with a serial prescription. A serial prescription is a prescription for medicine(s) you need to treat a long-term condition. It looks like a normal prescription but  allows you to get your medicine for 56 weeks without the need for a further paper prescription during that time. Your prescription will remain at your pharmacy, who will dispense it for you every four to eight weeks, as determined by your clinician.

You can let your pharmacist know if you will need to collect your prescription earlier than normal or you will need more than the usual if, for example, you are going on holiday. Each time a prescription is collected, the pharmacy staff will check if you need all your medicines. On the practice record we can see you have collected your medicine.

The serial prescriptions can only be dispensed at the pharmacy where you handed in your prescription. When you first hand in the prescription to the pharmacy, they will register you and check you are happy with your current medicines.

Please note that items prescribed to you which are not on serial prescriptions will still need to be ordered from the GP practice in the way you do now. Medicines such as controlled drugs cannot be on serial prescribing.

The pharmacist may also tell patients that they need to see the doctor if, e.g . your condition starts to get worse. Your monitoring, medicines and blood tests are regularly reviewed by the practice as before. Your doctor can stop or change medicines on your serial prescription if they need to. If this happens they will tell your pharmacist.