Adult with Disability’s Ereview

People with a learning disability often have poorer physical and mental health than other people. This does not need to be the case.

It is important that everyone over the age of 14 who is on their doctor’s learning disability register has an annual health check.

An annual health check can help you stay well by talking to a doctor or nurse about your health and finding any problems early, so they can be sorted out.

You do not have to be ill to have a health check – in fact, most people have their annual health check when they are feeling well.

If you are worried about seeing a doctor, or there is anything they can do to make your appointment better, let the doctor or nurse know.

They can make changes to help you. These are called reasonable adjustments.


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The questions below should be answered either by the patient or their carer if required.

Does the Patient live in supported accomodation?
Is the patient non-verbal?
Does the patient have epilepsy?
If so please give as much detail as possible.
If so please give as much detail as possible.
Has the patient contacted Out of hours GP service within the last 12 months?
Has the patient attended Accident and Emergency in the last 12 months?
Does the patient have a default back up carer? if so please provide details.
If so please give as much detail as possible.

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